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DPF FAP filter chemical cleaning or remove back

Price: from £200

Our companies: “R2 diagnostic” and“Harrow Auto Service Ltd” in cooperation with some other garages in North West and East London were the first in UK to start cleaning chemically DPF filters in passenger and light commercial vehicles.

New technology from Germany (secret formula of mixing 2 component fluids) allows to clean the DPF ( diesel particle filter) up to 95%- assuming that the DPF filter has not been damaged or melted - which unfortunately can only be checked after opening it.


The cleaning procedure starts with checking out the pressure difference sensor readings before the actual cleaning and is followed by removing the DPF filter from the vehicle and chemical treatment of the blockage. After cleaning the interior of the DPF the part is reinstalled in the car and the adaptation or reprogramming of engine ECU is conducted by diagnostic equipment so the system recognises that a clean DPF has been fitted!

The DPF which showed 100% blockage (Volvo S40 1.6D) has been successfully cleaned down to 11% !!!

The process is safe for the exhaust system and much cheaper than a new DPF...


1- Reading data from ECU (pressure of exhaust gasses) before treatment

2-Removing DPF filter from vehicle

3- Soaking filter with special fluid for 2-3 hours which remove most soot from the filter

4- Washing out all the fluid with soot and air dry

5-Refitting to vehicle and test by computer for exhaust gas flow (from pressure sensor)

6-Reprogramming the engine ECU and adaptation of the sensors

7- Road test

Total time frame: 5-7 hours

Prices: cars: £200, vans £300

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