Chemiczne czyszczenie filtrów DPF,FAP od £200 ,naprawa liczników do 2017 od £30, Chip Tuning,remapping od £200!AIR BAG crash data od £35 Zapraszamy !!!

Lista Usług Diagnostycznych

Tutaj znajdziecie Państwo pełną listę
usług z dokładnymi opisami i wycenami. Poniższa mapa przedstawia ceny diagnostyki komputerowej w zależności od miejsca dojazdu.

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Audi retrofit,coding,programing,adaptation

Diagnostyka komputerowa oraz korekta liczników w tym miesiącu od £30! Naprawiamy sensory sterowniki Air Bag , crash data we wszystkich markach lacznie z nowymi Honda Toyota Lexus itp na procesorach MAC oraz Renesas 

  Some of those function can be switch on from £30

1. Enabling Gauge Test/Needle Sweep This will sweep the needles of the speedo and rev counter through their full range automatically when you start the engine.

2. Enabling Lap Timer
Adding this option will also show Turbo boost and oil temperature on instrument display

3. Kerb lighting
Illuminating the kerb when turning hard left or right at low speeds with dipped beam on, by turning on the all-weather light on the relevant side of the car.

4. Beep on lock
Chirp the alarm siren briefly when the alarm activates (ie all doors are closed and the car is locked)

5. Hidden menu
Enable access to the green engineering menu in the MMI

6. Battery Meter on MMI screen.

7. VIM
Video In Motion - prevent the car from suppressing DVD playback once the speed of the car rises above 5mph

8. Passenger door mirror dip on selecting reverse.
When reverse gear is selected, the passenger door mirror dips to show the kerb if the mirror control knob is set to the passenger door mirror position. When driving forwards and exceeding 5mph or when switching off the car, the passenger mirror returns to its original position. If the position of the mirror is changed when dipped, this change is remembered the next time the mirror dips.

9. Disabling seatbelt reminder chimes.
Turn off the annoying "Bing bong" when you move the car on the driveway without your seatbelt fastened.

10. Disabling engine stop when opening driver's door.
Recode the Central Convenience module to STOP the engine from turning off when you get out, having moved the car.

11. Enabling the default distance setting in the MMI for Adaptive Cruise Control
Adding the option to modify the default distance for ACC (values 1 to 4) via the MMI

12. Modifying the High Beam Assist speed threshold
Changing the threshold speed at which High Beam Assist activates

13. Enabling the Daytime Running Lights on/off setting in the MMI
Adding the option to turn off / turn on the DRLs via the MMI

14. Enabling tourist mode setting for headlights in the MMI

15. Enable auto handbrake when shift into P

16. Close electric boot lid from key

17. Enable double disarm chirp

18. Disable DRL dim on turn signal

19. Parking brake release without seat belt on

20. Tail lights on with front DRLs

21. Enable ripping from CD to MMI HDD
Enter the Hidden Menu as in step 5 above.

22. Enable "Make calls using" feature in cars before MY2013 that have been updated to MMI 0770

23. Adjust brightness of DRLs when headlights are on

24. Alter the switch-off speed of the Audi parking System

25. Disable/memorize/invert Start & Stop

26. Activation of footwell lighting for vehicles without Lighting Pack / Ambient Lighting
This allows you to use the MMI to set the footwell lighting level while driving. Tested on cars with MMI 3G+ (Tech pack).

+many more